Want To Heal A Scar? Try These!

We all know how much of a pain they can be and how slow they are to heal and disappear, here are a few things that have helped me and that might work for you too! (This is actually a scar of mine from a burn, I've used a few of these magical things and it's helped tons!) 😊👍

Cocoa Butter: Apply it to the affected (clean!) area as often as you can until you've achieved your results. It helps if you get a natural one or one that contains collagen, vitamin E, elastin or aloe, (or all of the above! You can find a good one here!) but honestly, I've also used Queen Helene's daily and that's done plenty good by me too! (I love it also because it doesn't irritate my eczema!)

Coconut Oil: I've written about this holy grail previously as well, because it's a fatty oil, it helps provide a moisturizing barrier over the affected area that not only helps it heal, but helps keep it moisturized in the process. Retaining that moisture is important because tightening of scabs caused by wounds drying out can cause more scarring as it stretches the skin. It's also said that coconut oil helps collagen production, which will also help scarring. I suggest a pure, unrefined jar. Personally I've used this one for years, I get it in the baking aisle at Target for like $8!

Aloe Vera: If your grandma is anything like mine, the second I ever experienced a burn, she quick snapped off a piece of her aloe plant and applied it to my burn. I thought it was strange, until the burn didn't hurt anymore. For those same reasons, aloe is great for scarring. Not only does it keep it moisturized and increase collagen production, like coconut oil, it helps protect new skin cells. It also soothes basically on contact so if you have any pain, it should take the sting away.

With time, diligence and a little patience, your scars should at least lighten up to where they're not as noticeable. These are my personal (and natural) remedies that I really like every time there's an injury at my house. I've had 6 surgeries (5 of them involving belly scarring) in the last 10 or so years and I've used each of these during my recovery. It's done wonders to help not only improve the appearance, but the itchy healing process as well!

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