Want Smooth Skin? Try This!✨

Updated: Jan 30

It's seriously as easy as cleaning your face once a day and doing a facial once a week! (Which, is a great way to have a little "me time!" might I add!) Do the facial in the tub and add some salts and bubbles. DIY Spa Day at home anyone? 😊

Start with one of these amazing (and incredibly affordable!) facial sponges. My favorite is the charcoal but they have one for every skin type, plus they even make full size for the whole body! You can use them with/without cleanser, I use mine with just to get all my makeup off. 😊 Bonus: they gently exfoliate & also deep clean! 👍

These are so gentle on your skin and really easy to use. You let them soak up some water until they about double in size, put your cleanser on, (if you want that is!) and scrub in small circles! I like to scrub my neck and shoulders a bit too, it's very relaxing. Especially if you use a cleanser, make sure you rinse it out well, then hang it by the string to dry! Make sure to also hang it so it can dry completely and your sponge will last a lot longer. I've heard some say up to as long as 3 months!

Once a week, make sure you're also doing a great facial! My favorite for smooth, glowing skin is the recipe I posted recently with the Aztec Healing Clay. It's great to exfoliate dead skin cells away and leave bright and smooth skin.

Then I finish everything off with my Shine oil (use code TRYIT! for 20% off your next bottle, now until February 21st!) and my skin is seriously flawless. I go foundation free quite often these days! 💗 It all depends on your skin type and what your skin needs, but if you leave me a comment below, I'd be more than happy to help you find the perfect facial for you!

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