Want A Good Cuticle Moisturizer? L👀k No Farther Than The Kitchen! SO Simple! 👍

Olive oil is a great way to moisturize your cuticles in a flash! Plus, it's cheap and something most of us already have in the pantry! It's great for this cold, drying Minnesota winter too! 😊 Use before or after your mani, just be sure to wash it off if you do it before you polish and cleanse your nail beds with a little alcohol or pure acetone. The oils will make your polish chip faster if you skip this step! I like to do it after I get done with a manicure. Beautiful nails and healthy cuticles? Sign me up! As an extra bonus, the proteins from the olive oil, along with keeping your nailbeds and cuticles moisturized will also help strengthen and grow your nails. Win win!

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