Tea Made Easy! And SO Delicious Too!

Do you love tea? You have to try Tea Drops! 😍 They're so simple to make. Boil some water, drop in a Tea Drop and stir! Easy enough, right? What's even better is that you really don't need to add anything to it, they're plenty sweet and delicious on their own. Hot or cold, these are tasty and easy! I got the ginger citrus and sweet peppermint and they were both so good, I've already reordered! 😋 I love how convenient they are to make and they are so yummy. I love that I don't have to wait for the bag to do the work either, it's as easy as a few stirs and you're ready to enjoy your delicious tea! This is a great way to enjoy tea on the go without having to worry about any mess! 👍

It just so happens, a cup of the citrus ginger goes great with a facial day! Use a great cleanser, apply your face masque, kick it up a notch and run yourself a bubble bath. Then, lay back and enjoy your delicious tea! Simple and amazing! 💗 Hot summer day? Make yourself a chilled cup of tea and go enjoy that sunshine. ☀️ Get your tea fix without the heat! And of course they're fantastic on a chilly day too! Hot or cold, no matter the flavor, if you like tea, you'll love Tea Drops! 😍

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