Stuffy Nose? Tired? Try This As A Surprising (And Relaxing!) Remedy!

Let's be real, no one likes a stuffy nose. It's a miserable feeling, especially when you're trying to get some rest. I found this trying to relieve my own and was surprised to find how well it worked!

Nüggs Revitalizing Face Mask to save the day! The peppermint in it not only helps to clear your nose but the tingly sensation helps to relieve facial congestion in general. It also helps stimulate your skin so you feel more awake! I could feel everything loosen up and it was truly amazing after a long day! (And night with no sleep!)

All I had to do was take some in my hand and rub my face, focusing around my nose and along the bridge and also the middle of my forehead, between the eyebrows, and temples. The relief is almost immediate and so soothing. You can feel the peppermint start to tingle right away! You can buy these little life savers single, in a pack of 5, or get the variety pack with this and 5 other fantastic Nügg facial masks. I did the variety pack to try, but have definitely bought these in the pack of 5, especially now that allergy season has come and gone and winter is here. They really are amazing and inexpensive, what's not to love!

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