Still using old lipstick?

Love that tube of lipstick you've had for years? You might be applying a lot more than color to your pout.

Every time you swipe lipstick across your lips, it's collecting germs, saliva, and dead skin cells, all of which can breed bacteria. Those hitchhiking bastards can lead to skin infections and irritation, resulting in redness, soreness, and pimple outbreaks along your mouth, or-worst-case scenario-a dangerous staph infection, which I’ve seen a friend get and believe me you don’t want that!

Her lip was swollen up (not in a sexy way) which happens when bacteria gets trapped under the skin and starts to grow. Pus forms inside the abscess as the body responds to the bacteria. The pus from your abscess was drained and scraped out. The abscess pocket was so large, it had to be packed with gauze. So her lip was still enormous but had a piece of gauze sticking out that she had to remove herself!

Since there may not be any obvious telltale signs of a germ infestation on the lipstick itself, it probably won't smell rancid, or change color or consistency all of a sudden.

Dermatologists suggest tossing lipstick after a year. If you're super concerned about bacteria during those 12 months: Wipe off the lipstick using a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol before and after applying color.

I know it seems like a waste but, if you’d seen what I have, you wouldn’t hesitate for a moment!

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