Skin Looking Dull? Give Your Face An Energy Boost!

If you have ever used a coffee scrub, you know how amazing it makes your face feel. But have you ever wondered why? Caffeine is becoming an ingredient many companies use in their skin care products. Not only is a cup of coffee amazing, but now you can get great benefits for your skin! 😊

If you suffer from redness, puffiness, dry skin or you want your face to be more tight and bright, you may want to consider a coffee scrub! The caffeine content found in coffee helps constrict blood vessels under the skin, which makes it effective at calming redness and inflammation. By minimizing those blood vessels, it also makes your skin naturally more firm and bright over time when used regularly. Have puffy eyes? Find an eye cream containing caffeine! Caffeine also helps promote circulation, which will in turn help decrease eye puffiness. Better circulation will also energize your skin!

If you want smooth skin or need to even out your skin tone, this would also be beneficial to you! Coffee scrubs are great at removing dead skin cells, leaving beautiful glowing skin. With how smooth your face gets, you'll have a hard time not having your hands on it all day! 😋 To make things even better, caffeine has loads of antioxidant properties that will help fight premature aging, including wrinkles, fine lines and sun spots. If you have mature skin that needs a pick me up, give some caffeine a try! It just might be what your skin has been needing! 😊

Because of the anitioxidant properties, caffeine has been shown in animal studies to protect skin cells from cancer caused by UV carcinogens. Mouse studies have shown that topical application of caffeine can cause radiation damaged cells to "self destruct". It was shown in rats that it's almost as effective as aspirin at reducing inflammation! It's also been said that caffeine can help regulate cell regrowth and because of that, it helps increase the elasticity in your skin and also helps to retain moisture. Say goodbye to dull, dead, aged and dry skin! Get yourself some caffeine and get busy!

Here is my all time favorite coffee mask, it is a little pricey but so unbelievably worth it!

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