Simple Ways To Keep Your Home Covid-Free

If you stop and really think about all the nasty germs in your house, and all of the semi-gross things that you touch everyday, there's a decent chance you'll have a freak out.

Don't do it! Make the problem manageable by focusing on one “healthy home” task a day. If you can stick to this weekly schedule, you'll go a long way towards living in a wholesome, non freak-out-inducing place.

Sunday: Pillows & Sheets

Wash your pillows and sheets in hot water – this will kill germs and reduce dust. Bonus: It'll keep your face clear and beautiful.

Monday: Fridge & Leftovers

Fridge check! Do a quick audit for any expired meats, dairies or other perishable items. Leftovers that are more than four days old need to go too.

Tuesday: Sponges

Toss your sponges in the dishwasher and run on the hottest cycle! This will disinfect them.

Wednesday: Toothbrush

Give your toothbrush a quick dip in boiling water. This will clear away any... uh...bathroom-related spores.

Thursday: Switches & Handles

Use a disinfectant spray to clean your light switches and fridge handle, because they're two of the nastiest surfaces in your home.

Friday: Pay It Forward

Happy weekend! Do a random favor for a housemate or neighbor – it'll help them out, and make you feel better, too. Great way to start the weekend!

Saturday: Your Mood

Spending the day at home? Open all of your shades or blinds so plenty of light gets in throughout the day – it'll improve your mood!

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