Scalp Detoxing

If you are experiencing any of the following, it's time to detox your hair:

• a dry scalp

• excessive oily scalp

• itchiness, dandruff

• pain on the scalp

• hair loss or hair fall

To ensure your hair grows long and healthy a scalp detox treatment is necessary. We forget that our scalp is a living breathing organism and hair is a dead by-product of the scalp. We spend so much money, time, effort on our hair and neglect the reason why we have it in the first place; our scalp.

Year after year we continue to pile on product and then wonder why our scalp is so dry? Or itchy? That is your scalp screaming “I can't breathe!!’”

The daily use of hair products clogs pores and creates build-up on top of accumulated dead skin, which can cause dull, greasy hair, and slow hair growth. Shampoo alone doesn‘t cleanse deep enough to get rid of the build up.

Make detoxifying your scalp part of your healthy hair care regimen.

How to detox your scalp

Exfoliate Your Scalp, this is a great way to optimize hair growth. Regular exfoliation helps to clear away accumulated dead skin cells and soothes stressed scalps. I highly recommend:

The perfect detox treatment for a dry, flaky scalp. This gentle scalp scrub whisks away traces of product build-up, flakes and dead skin cells. Powered by sea salt, a natural exfoliant, which removes impurities from your scalp and restores balance to sensitive or oily scalps.

Use a pre-shampoo mask like this one from Prose Pre-Shampoo Scalp Mask

An intensive pre-wash treatment that helps restore balance to your scalp, whether you need soothing repair or a gentle detox.

Stress Less

Stress inadvertently alters your hormone levels and causes dandruff, itching and hair loss. To combat anxiety, schedule a time each week to relax and unwind.

Tone Your Scalp

Just like your face, your scalp will benefit immensely from a toner. It helps to reduce excess sebum and clear 'unfriendly' bacteria, creating healthier looking hair and a better environment for hair growth. I very highly recommend:

Bondi Boost Intensive Growth Spray A concentrated leave-in formula that contains a hair growth trio complex with stimulating Peppermint, Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin B5. Clears blocked scalp pores for a clearer growth path and supports thinning hair types for a thicker look and feel. To use, spritz at the roots on wet or dry hair daily, and massage in.

Tackle Dandruff Head-On with BONDI BOOST Dandruff Shampoo/Conditioner

Common dandruff is very easy to clear, but ignoring it can lead to a host of problems ranging from an accumulation of flakes to hair loss.

Use the proper brush for your hair needs. The Prose Brush collection is sure to have the proper brush for your scalp and hair needs. Treat your hair with care and within a few months you'll see a real difference! Try using brushes that are gentle on your locks and scalp like boar bristle brushes and always remove tangles starting at the ends of your hair.

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