Sauna Health Benefits

1. Massive Detoxification

We all know that sweating is part of your body’s natural detoxification system. We purge a lot of nasties through our skin. Thanks to our toxic environment and the products we use, we’re exposed to over 100 unique chemicals on a daily basis—and not all of them are safe. That’s why deep sweating is so helpful in getting those unwanted chemicals out of your system.

Saunas cause you to sweat, thanks to their ability to deeply heat the body rather than the surrounding air. As a side benefit, this helps to rejuvenate your skin and unclog pores, as well!

2. Weight Loss

While diet and exercise are still hugely important, saunas can jumpstart your metabolism and help you release both physical and emotional weight.

3. Stress Reduction

There is a reason why heat relaxes us so much. Saunas deeply releases muscles and lowers cortisol levels to reduce the body’s stress response.

There is also interesting evidence that sauna use in general may support brain health and treat depression. Sauna use also reduces blood pressure, which supports stress reduction, healthy sleep and may even support a healthier heart.

4. Improved Circulation

Your circulation improves in a sauna, which means more oxygen-rich blood can get to your muscles and tissues. That’s not only great for detoxification and oxygenation of your body—it improves workout recovery, reduces inflammation, and even faster cell regeneration.

If you’re new to using a sauna, ease yourself into it. Start out with 10 minutes in the sweatbox, and eventually work your way up as high as 30 minutes to reap serious benefits.

Just make sure to really hydrate afterwards, because you’ll be sweating buckets!

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