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A chandelier light fixture it can be mounted or swag. I scored this amazing beauty for free on FB marketplace (thank you!!).

Krylon Spray Paint, in Cerise, available on Amazo:

5.375" Encrusted Glitter Ribbon by Celebrate It available at Michael’s for $9.99 a roll.

Aleene's Tacky Glue All-Purpose Craft Adhesive available at The Dollar Tree

Snag-Free Rubber Bands, 500-ct. Pack available at The Dollar Tree

Box of LED Light Bulb, 3 Watts (25W Equivalent) B10 Deco Lamp E12 Candelabra Base, Dimmable, Soft White, 12-Pack available on Amazon buy them here: this is great price for LED B10 E12 candelabra base bulbs. You can use incandescent bulbs if you prefer a 3-pack of 7 watt bulbs are available at The Dollar Tree.

1.5’ of Painter's Tape (any width). Available at The Dollar Tree.


Make sure the chandelier you intend to makeover works and the wiring is in good condition.

Remove the tapers (the plastic tubes that look like candlesticks).

Clean any dust, dirt, or grease from the chandelier.

Place a piece of painters tape over each bulb socket to keep the paint from getting inside.

Find a way to prop up the chandelier so it can be spray painted with some ease. I used four cinder blocks I had and they worked perfectly. If there is a way to paint it from a hanging position like off a hook, I definitely recommend doing it that way. It’s easy to forget that the bottom will be what is seen and spots are missed.

I used two coats of Krylon Fluorescent Spray Paint, in Cerise which you can buy on Amazon here: I have no affiliation with Krylon, I have tried several other brands of fluorescent pink spray paints and Krylon was hands-down the best fluorescent spray paint for color, coverage, durability, and ease of use.

Measure and cut the glitter encrusted ribbon into pieces that will wrap all the way around the tapers removed from the chandelier earlier.

I used Aleene's Tacky Glue All-Purpose Craft Adhesive to adhere the glitter ribbon to the tapers and held it in place with Snag-Free Rubber Bands as they dried. I purchased both the glue and bands from the Dollar Tree.

I wanted to hang the chandelier in place of the recessed LED can lighting in the center of my kitchen. This required I purchase a Can lighting to flush mount conversion kit. This kit is available on Amazon here :

The guy in the how-to video makes the installation look so easy and it probably is but I decided to do this project by myself using a rickety 8’ ladder and my ceiling is 14’ so I had my arms above my head as I worked and the tiny muscles of my arms were on fire! Make Note:


I AM NOT AN electrician or licensed contractor. my dad just really wanted a son and he settled for me instead and taught me all the glorious secrets of home repair and improvement.

Do Not Attempt to install a chandelier alone!!

After the conversion kit was installed, I removed the painters tape from the bulb sockets, removed the rubber bands from the tapers, and placed them onto the chandelier.

I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH; don’t do this by yourself.

I attached the fixture and connected the wires with caps and tucked them inside the fixture.

I screwed the mount in place with the washer ring and it looked incredible (even without bulbs).

I screwed the lightbulbs in one by one and went out to the breaker box and turned the power back on.

I walked into my house and was greeted with the most glorious glowing light from my chandelier. It changed the entire appearance and mood of the house! My kitchen was brighter in a diffused dreamy way, not harsh overhead lighting bright.

This is one of my top 5 favorite projects. The pictures really don’t do it justice, it would be impossible to capture the sparkling glow from the glitter ribbon covered tapers. I am so happy I got LED style bulbs because incandescent bulbs get REALLY hot REALLY fast.

If I didn’t need the bulbs or the conversion kit this project would have cost me less than $20!

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