Move Over Syrup! There's A New Maple Topping That Will Blow You Away!

Woods Pure Maple Cream! This stuff is delicious!! Perfect topping for pancakes, waffles, toast, apple slices, great for dipping, you can put it in coffee and so much more! (No one will judge you for eating it straight from the jar either. 😉)

This stuff is all natural, no additives here! Do yourself a favor and get the bigger size, I got the smaller one to test it out and make sure I liked it but I will definitely be getting the bigger one next time. They come in 4 or 8 ounce jars, and are incredibly affordable and delicious! In these, mine has settled a little but not to worry, just stir it up and go crazy! 😄

You can definitely tell that that's syrup sitting on the top, and it's really delicious syrup too. 😋 This stuff is thick after it's been cooled but it spreads very nice! I love the packaging, and I love how you can see the swirls in the cream. It's pretty in the jar and so delicious, what could be better?

I ordered the cinnamon swirl and I definitely recommend it! I read on their product page that this can be used as a cinnamon roll filling and I personally can't wait to try that! I will be doing it as soon as possible and will be sure to update. (With pictures of course! 😊)

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