Mourning A Finned Friend? Check This Out!

This is Finn, my goldfish, named so because he had no top or side fins. 😋 I was never really into goldfish until Finn showed up, he was truly one of a kind! Unfortunately, he passed away. Now, I know to most it sounds silly, but he was part of our family and we still mourned him.

Do you have one that you've lost? I have something that might help you feel a bit better, I know it helped me! As I said before, I know most treat fish like they're nothing and that you should just suck it up and get over it but, I know there are others out there. We invest a lot of emotion into our critters and it hurts like hell when they go, regardless of what they are. You aren't alone! After my last fish, I even said never again. Didn't think I could handle it, especially because he was 10, but his owner was moving and it was either me or the toilet, and I couldn't let that happen.

Anyone who knows me knows I love doing nails and I just had to do something for him. In comes Apricot Wink! If you've just lost your friend and like to paint your nails, this is the perfect color. Go to the pet store when you're done! 😊

After I did mine, I went to the pet store by my old job to look at fish, in hopes that it'd make me feel better. Then something so cool happened, they were all following my fingers! Even the reptiles were looking, the beardie and chameleon tried to lick me through the glass. 😋 I can't explain why, but it was so soothing! The polish is shiny and has a sparkle to it, like a scale, (probably why they reacted to it!) and it has this cool rosey tone to it, along with the gorgeous orange that you see in the pictures. Perfect color for fins in any mani, but especially to remember your finned friend! 💗

This was taken in the dark, my tv was on and that was it. It is so shiny! It's almost exactly how his fins looked in the dark, which was even more soothing. 💗

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