Looking For An Awesome New Soap? Try This! It's Great For Eczema, Dry Skin And So Much More!

So, here's the science to African black soap! In West Africa, traditional black soap is made by mixing ash and the bark off local plants with healing oils. Rich in vitamins A and E, this has become popular with women everywhere for it's abilities to fight blemishes and reduce the signs of aging. So how does it work? Black plant ash is combined with soothing coconut oil and shea butter before it's cured into bar soap, forming a nourishing cleanser and natural scrub. Being a natural alternative to microdermabrasion, it can also help to heal face, back and shoulder acne. 🙌

I have eczema and horribly sensitive skin so normally I'm skeptical of new soaps because my skin freaks out, I break out and my eczema flares up, not with this! My skin feels soft, my face is a lot more clear and because of it's natural exfoliant, my eczema spots that I did have are almost completely gone. It's amazing to use this because it scrubs away all the built up dead skin cells and leaves fresh, smooth skin. Smells a little different but it's not bad at all! It's got that natural scent. Once you get out of the shower and moisturize, you don't smell it anymore, you just feel it's amazingness. 😃 It's wonderful for those annoying spots and scars, I get a spot and wash my face and the next morning it's gone or very reduced in size, it's so awesome! This is the best soap I've used in a long time and I love it because it just makes your skin happy. 😊 It's perfect for dry Minnesota winter weather and you can't beat the price for all the wonderful benefits. This is great because it's a soap you can use for your body and face! And it works wonders for both so, what's so wrong with that?!

Personally I've used 2 different brands and I liked them both. The Shea Moisture is easy to find and so popular these days. I've also used the Sheaterra brand, which is shown above. I really liked how they package theirs. It's easy to cut it and use it in smaller chunks, so ultimately less of it gets washed down the drain. You likely could cut through the Shea Moisture bar also, but this one just made that step really easy with the grooves already there.

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