How To: Newspaper Nail Art!

Doing your own cute newspaper nails is super easy!

All you need:


-Some rubbing alcohol

-Your favorite color

-I used a tweezers to help me get the paper out of the alcohol but it's not absolutely necessary.

How To:

So, paint your base coat and let it dry COMPLETELY!

It's very important to let it dry completely otherwise you're going to smudge your nail or have newspaper stuck to it.

After it's totally dry, cut/rip out little pieces to fit on your nail (the smaller the print, the better!) then dunk one in the alcohol.

Once it's soaked, set it on your nail. I did this on one hand and then used one of my manicure brushes to brush over a little more alcohol, not totally necessary, just seemed to help the ink stick a little more to my nail. Then, gently peel off. Allow those to dry completely too and then go over it with a clear coat. Done!

These were actually ones that I did, my ring finger has a sticker on it as an accent, pretty sure I got those at CVS but you can find cute ones anywhere really. These are so easy and fun! I've seen it done with maps too over white polish which would be awesome! 🙂

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