How I Keep My Curls Beautiful And Healthy!

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

  • If you have natural curls and need some help taming or accentuating them, read on! It's possible to have beautiful natural curls that are manageable and gorgeous! 😊

  • The first place you can start is finding a great shampoo, conditioner and styling products that fit your needs and hair type. I'm a huge fan of this line because it's alcohol free! (Something you want to be very mindful of, alcohol dries out any hair in general.)

  • Another thing to keep in mind is the texture of your hair. This particular line is very thick which is suitable for me because my hair is long and thick. I need something heavy duty to wash/condition it properly! Another thing you'll notice is the main selling point on these is that they're moisturizing. This is something you definitely want since curls tend to be more dry than other hair types. You want all the moisture you can get! And don't feel defeated if you try something and it doesn't work, sometimes that happens. You have to try different products to see what works the best for you!

  • Another thing you may want to invest in is a cowash! This stuff is incredible to cleanse your hair in between regular washes and condition your hair really well. I have a deep conditioner (more on my fave's coming soon!) that I do every week or two but this is good for when you need to detangle and moisturize without a full wash.

  • I only use this on my ends, if I get it too close to my roots it makes my hair look greasy. If I don't feel like doing a deep conditioner one week, I put this on my ends and shampoo just my scalp and then comb through my hair with my fingers. You never want to comb or brush your hair after you're done with your wash, it just breaks up your curls and makes them frizzy! I don't like using shampoo on my whole head, just where I most need it, at my roots. I condition at the same time so I don't have to rinse more than once. I also use my fingers to comb through my hair as I rinse everything out.

  • It's important to keep these in mind when washing, these will all help keep your hair from being a crazy frizzy fluff ball on your head! 😋 You never want to shampoo too much, I'm down to once a week. All those oils that your scalp naturally produces are so important for the health of your hair! Washing it too often just strips those oils and leaves your hair dry and frizzy. I also use cool/lukewarm (mostly cool) water to wash my hair (both for frizz and to maintain my color!) and cold water to do my final rinse. Warm water just makes frizz worse!

  • Important note for all hair types: Never skip conditioner! So many people do this because they "don't have time" or their hair is "too oily" or whatever the case is. This is horrible for the health of your hair. Shampoo opens the cuticle to prepare it for a good deep clean, which is also why it's ok to use warmer water on this step. Conditioner and cool water helps to close the cuticle and prevents it staying open and susceptible to damage! Also, never use terry cloth towels to dry. They rough up the cuticle and make frizz worse. Use an old tshirt or microfiber towel, they're much more gentle.

  • It's also important to play around with styling products to find what works best for you! I love the hair butter in this line, it's a great moisturizer, I also use 100% pure argan oil to add more moisture to my hair. The only thing to note if you do try the hair butter, start with a very small amount. I use about the size of my nail otherwise my hair looks greasy. This marmalade is seriously the best curl product I've ever used. Normally I hate gel, it's drying and can be flaky, but this stuff is completely different. It gives lots of body and defines my curls all while moisturizing them!

  • A curl refreshing spray is also a great product to add to your curly hair arsenal! You know when you fall asleep with your hair down and wake up looking like a raccoon got stuck in your hair? It's a hot frizzy mess, right? This stuff will fix that problem with ease and smells fantastic!! For a great DIY spray, stay tuned! I'll post it soon!

  • I previously tried a black castor oil spray as well, it was thick but seemed to work well on my hair. However, the smell was awful and irritated both my nose and my scalp. (I have allergies and my skin is pretty sensitive so, this stuff just wasn't for me.) Refresher sprays are a genius invention to do just that, and refresh next day curls. It's truly an amazing product! Again, don't be afraid to try new ones, it's a trial and error for us curly girls and that's just a part of the process! Once you find the product that works best, I promise, it will change the whole game. 😊

  • All these products are pro quality (at least in my opinion, I'm a professional and have tried many other lines!) and can be bought at Sally's Beauty Supply. (I used to work there, managed a store for 3 years!) And I know for a fact that as long as you have the receipt and there's 80% or more left of the product, you can return or exchange them. So, if you try any of these (or any other products from there, please don't be afraid to ask me for any suggestion you might need!) and you absolutely hate them, bring them back and give something else a try. 😊

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