Hacks For Your Healthiest Summer Ever

Use these hacks to create a plan for your happiest and healthiest summer yet!

Move and eat clean

Eat lots of fruits and veggies that are finally in season and keep your body moving. It’s the easiest time be physically active.

Out of your comfort zone

Do at least one thing that seems a little daunting. We grow the most when we push to the outer boundaries of our comfort zones. Use this summer to expand yourself and evolve even just a little bit into the person you’ve always desired to be.

Optimize your home for relaxation

Spending time at home can actually be just as rejuvenating, provided you give your home a little summer reboot.

First off, give your place a deep, deep cleaning early on in the summer. Clutter can actually cause more stress than you might realize.

Once you’ve decluttered, do a little reorganization. Move some furniture around, add in a few more houseplants, simplify your decor, find creative ways to encourage more natural light into your rooms. Addressing the energy in your house can make staying at home infinitely more enjoyable and restorative.

Create a daily summer ritual that includes outdoors time

Summertime is the perfect time of year to stock up on vitamin D, feel the ground beneath your feet, fend off depression with lots of sunlight, and listen to the sounds of nature.

The rituals you use throughout the rest of the year simply aren’t going to cut it for summer. Design a ritual that involves outdoor time. Whether you sit outside every day to enjoy your morning coffee or you stick to an afternoon jog, there is no better time to be outdoors.

Just because this is going to be your healthiest summer ever doesn’t mean you should feel pressured to go really big.

If you want to go on a massive road trip, have a blast! But if you’d rather spend more time with your friends and practicing your hobbies, that is just as exciting.

You can find happiness anywhere if you’re looking for it, even something simple as a really delicious cup of morning coffee. Don’t feel pressured to brave the hoards of tourists and go on a trip if you don’t really want to.

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