Get More From Your Mirrors

The first mirrors were made from volcanic glass in Turkey, more than 8,000 years ago. These reflecting pieces of furniture have come a long way since then—they’re usually made from aluminum these days (and you can order them online) but they still rock.

Not only can you use a mirror to check for spinach in your teeth, you can also do fun tricks like make a room appear twice as large!

1. The Bigger the Better (Especially in Small Spaces)

Don’t be afraid to put a huge mirror in a tiny bathroom or hallway. The mirror will create depth and work with the space, not against it. Unlike a huge oil painting in a small room, big mirrors are not overwhelming.

2. Place Your Mirrors So They Reflect Something You Enjoy

Avoid placing your mirror in a spot where it reflects something boring like a stove or the entrance to the bathroom. Take advantage of a mirror’s ability to double anything awesome and position it across a window, light fixture or favorite painting. You can also reflect an area of the home that you love like a reading nook in the living room.

3. Try Hanging a Mirror Over Your Fireplace

A mirror over the fireplace is a great idea for a few reasons: First, hanging art over the fireplace poses a risk of smoke damage, so that’s not a great idea. Second, if you’re into Feng Shui, experts recommend mirrors over fireplaces because a mirror is a water element and it will create balance with the fire. If you have a non-functioning fireplace, we love the idea of filling it with candles. Try placing a mirror behind the candles to reflect.

4. Mirrors are Great in Narrow Spaces

If you’re looking to decorate a narrow hallway or staircase, try a mirror to open up the space and prevent claustrophobia.

5. Hang Mirrors Next to Light Fixtures

If you want to double your light source with a mirror, place the mirror next to the light fixture. It’s double the light’s illumination power!

6. Double Your Windows by Hanging a Mirror Directly Across

When you think about it, if you hang a mirror directly across from a window, you’re basically making two windows! Double rainbow, anyone? This is a great trick for townhouses, or a room with only one sad and lonely window that needs a friend.

7. Mirrors Don’t Only Live on Walls

Get creative with your mirror strategy. You can try mirrored furniture like a buffet table for the dining room or an armoire for the bedroom. Try adding mirrors to the backs of your bookshelves or placing a mirror on top of a table as part of a centerpiece with candles or flowers on top. We also love the idea of mirrored coasters to reflect the light in any room.

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