Form & Function: Japandi Storage Ideas.

A home in this seemingly endless disruption of normality once used for rest, relaxation, and entertaining, is now the venue for nearly all facets of our everyday life. Never before have we been pushed to rethink our values and commonly accepted ideas on aesthetics. Forced to evolve, we are altering how we perceive and furnish our spaces. Make way for the multi-purpose evolution.

You can never have too much storage space in a high-demand home and multi-functional designs are great for multi-purpose spaces. I now find myself asking, ‘could this double as storage?’

Japandi Decor has exploded in popularity. With the core design principles being; appreciation for functionality and simplicity, and a profound respect for nature and craftsmanship. This is the perfect combination for creating a calming atmosphere with clean lines, neutral colors, soft lighting, and an overall feeling of spaciousness.

If you are looking to incorporate Japandi design in your home and are unsure about storage, this video will give you some excellent ideas for small space multi-purpose furniture and storage.

My personal favorite is the bookcase room divider or planter. One thing I always advise is; ‘build up, not out.’ Meaning (in this instance) don’t let those high ceilings go to waste if you have them and look at the underutilized spaces in your home.

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