Feng Shui Paint Color Guide For Each Room In Your Home

Use these suggestions as guidelines only. Pay attention to your intuition. The colors you feel passionately about are most likely the ones that you actually should surround yourself with.


Best colors: Earth tones, flesh tones pastels including light sages and colors that are more muted.

Don’t recommend: Bright colors, fiery colors such as bright reds, purples, pinks or oranges. Dark colors such as black, brown, greys, navy blue or dark green are also not recommended.

Why? Bedrooms should be calm spaces to promote rest and rejuvenation. The earth element is best in bedrooms to support being grounded. Too bright colors are too active for bedrooms and too dark colors are too depressing. We want the right amont of restfulness but not to the point that it is depressing. For children’s bedrooms, make sure to NOT paint them purple or pink. Use a more restful sage green and accessorize with the purples and pinks only. These are far too fiery for bedroom wall colors and most likely you will find you child will love the room during the day but won’t want to sleep there at night.


Best colors: Earth tones, pastels, whites

Don’t recommend: Blues, dark ‘watery’ colors such as black, grey, navy, dark brown or green

Why? Bathrooms already have a lot of the water element represented by mirrors along with water from the pipes. More blues adds more water, creating an even greater in-balance. Earth, however, balances the water element in the five elements cycle and brings this very watery room back into elemental balance.


Best Colors: Earth tones as well as brighter colors

Don’t recommend: Reds, black, navy blue, grey, dark brown, dark green

Why? Kitchens should be happy active spaces but they also already have a lot of fire and water. The best element to balance both is the earth element represented by earth tones and terra-cottas. These can be bright yellow, golds, rich terra-cotta or any other brighter color. The earth element supports being grounded. In kitchens we are working with fire and knives, which are unsafe. Using colors from the water element such as black, grey, dark blues, greens and browns promote a feeling of un-groundedness, and they can also be too depressing for what should be a more active and happy space.


Best colors: Earth tones, sage greens, pastels, more muted colors.

Don’t recommend: Reds unless you want to eat a lot more red stimulates everything, including appetite!, black, grey, navy blue, dark green or dark brown are also too watery.

Why? Dining rooms should be calm, peaceful spaces. Earth tones promote groundedness, which is what we need for good digestion. Use any color that is more muted that you love, but make sure it is not a color from the water element such as black, grey, navy blue, dark green or dark brown.The same principles apply here as in bedrooms.


Best Colors: Brighter colors are fine for these more active spaces.. Choose any color that you love. White and cream colors are excellent for home offices because they represent the metal element which supports mental clarity.

Don’t recommend: Darker tones or any color that reflects the water element, which is too floaty and ungrounded.

Why? Home offices should be more active so that you can get things done. You can use the bolder colors here.


Same as Bedrooms and Dining rooms. Make them cozy and earthy with more muted colors.


These are all active spaces and can be painted brighter colors.

Choose the ones that you love!

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