Face Clean Up At Home

You know the pollution, the dirt, and the germs that we are surrounded with. Which is why doing it yourself is better.

Getting everything that you need before you start the process can save time. It also helps you relax and focus on the cleanup process.

You would need:


Cleansing milk/foam

Facial Scrub

Face Steamer (or use a utensil filled with water and heat it to produce steam)



Face mask


Cotton cloth

Tweezer/Blackhead Remover

Cloth hair band

Ice cubes or ice water

Soft towels


Splash water on your face. Take a little face cleanser and gently rub it over your face, neck, and back of the ears. Wash off with regular water.

Pat your face dry with a clean towel.

Apply cleansing milk evenly all over your face and wipe it off firmly in an upward manner with a cotton cloth to clear any remaining residue. This method also unclogs the pores.


After removing the dirt, it is time to slough off the dead skin cells on your face that clog your pores and make your face look dull.

Wet your face and apply the scrub in circular motions. Apply pressure on your skin. Massage your face with the scrub for a few minutes. Wash your face and pat dry with a clean towel.

Scrubbing relaxes your mind and prepares your skin for the subsequent steps in the face clean up process. You can use a sugar scrub at home using lime and sugar.

Steam Your Face

You can use a facial steamer if you have one. Or you can take a bowl of water and heat it until it reaches the boiling point.

Bend over the bowl and cover your head with a cloth. Keep your face a few inches away from the hot water and stay put for about 5 minutes.

Now, take a blackhead remover and scrape away the whiteheads and blackheads on your skin.

Splash your face with cold water or rub ice cubes on it to soothe your skin and close the pores. Wipe your face dry with a clean cotton cloth.

Face mask

You can quickly make a face pack at home or get a face mask packet from an authentic brand in the market. Make sure you pick something that suits your skin type.

Face masks soften and improve your skin tone. Apply the paste to your face and keep it on until it dries – which would take about 20-30 minutes.

Wet some cotton balls and place them on your eyes for relaxation.

Finally, wash your face with cold water and pat dry with a clean and dry towel.


Follow up with a toner to balance the pH level of your skin. Dab it on your face with your fingertips and leave it on to dry.

A readily available and economical option for a toner is rose water. Cucumber juice too is a great option.

You can store these liquids in a spray bottle and spray them on your face whenever needed. Toners seal the pores, refresh your skin, and keep it hydrated.


The final step is the most relaxing and relieving. Slather moisturizer on your face and massage it into your skin using gentle strokes.

Let it naturally settle on your face. You will notice that your skin feels soft to touch and looks bright and refreshed.

Use a cream or lotion, depending on your skin type. A non-greasy gel or cream is a good option for those with oily/combination skin. A buttery cream works perfectly for those with dry skin.

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