Dry Skin? Eczema? Psoriasis? This Is A MUST Have!

Updated: Mar 28

If you’re anything like me, this time of year is absolutely awful for my already horribly sensitive skin. The cold, dry winter air sucks all the moisture from my skin and it’s dry, it cracks and bleeds, and it’s just downright painful. Add in the constant hand washing and sanitizing measures we’re all taking through the Covid pandemic, and our skin just gets fed up! It’s as easy as using a few drops of one miracle serum and you’ll see results like above in no time at all!

Kick that dry, cracked skin for good with Calm organic and soothing oil. This amazing vegan and cruelty-free oil is specifically formulated for eczema, psoriasis and other inflammatory skin woes anywhere on the skin. It works to repair your skin as soon as 30-45 minutes after application to soothe redness, inflammation and irritation and it absorbs quick so you don’t have to worry about any greasy residue. (Please note: If you have a ragweed allergy, this product is not for you, as one of the main active ingredients is yarrow.)

All you need is a drop or two to the affected area, massage it in and let the oil go to work and do it’s magic! So many reviews (along with my own personal opinion) would choose this route any day over steroids or the medicated creams as this one is a natural alternative. You can use it on the hands and body, my husband even likes it for when he shaves his face! Normally his skin gets really irritated after he’s done shaving and it’s painful for him. Within a half an hour of application of 2 drops, his skin looks completely normal and he’s pain free. For that same reason, it’s also great for razor irritation elsewhere when you shave! (Bikini line, legs, etc.) Just apply, massage in and go about your day, it’s just that simple.

The photo above is actually my best friends, she is on the frontlines in this pandemic rocking a hospital kitchen, and this was after just a week! “I used it twice a day for a week along with my regular routine and was amazed!” Results like this in a week!! 😍

So, what’s the deal? How does this natural oil work so well for skin irritation and inflammation? Really the rockstar ingredient is the yarrow. Yarrow (AKA Ragweed) is an ancient skincare ingredient that has antimicrobial and pain relieving traits so it’s great for skin irritation. (Looking at you eczema and psoriasis!) It also helps to heal broken capillaries and is deeply nourishing and restorative so it’s great for sensitive and problematic skin. Along with the yarrow is lavender, which we all know is the greatest soothing ingredient out there, not to mention it smells FABULOUS. Because of its soothing properties, it’s also great for inflammatory conditions. Lastly sage, another main active ingredient. Like the yarrow, it also helps to heal broken capillaries. Sage is known for increasing circulation and skin regeneration, which makes it especially fabulous for healing skin. The sage will also help heal and even out any discoloration, which any of you with eczema knows how much of a pain that can be!

If you try Calm, I’d love to see your results in the comments. 😍

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