DIY Sequin Chandelier Dome Light Fixture Makeover.

Updated: May 25

Dome lights (aka boob lights) have become the standard light fixture for nearly all homes built in the last 10 years. They are very plain, inexpensive, and functional. If you have read my prior DIY decor posts you know that if there is no sparkle I die a little bit inside.

I love Chandeliers but, they are priced slightly above my $7 budget.

I experimented with many different materials and ideas. Wouldn’t you know?....It was the simplest plan with inexpensive materials that made the best fixture.


•Mini flat nose pliers

•8" spider lampshade top. you can find them on Amazon

I used a damaged lampshade I already had by running a box cutter all the way around the top ring as close as possible then removing the old shade material.

•One package of split rings. I purchased this package of split rings in Various sizes (6,8,9mm) from Amazon

•100 piece 40mm metallic round flat sequins on AMAZON.

• 1/16” / 1mm tiny hole punch on Amazon:

Since the sequins only have one hole I used the tiny hole punch I bought on Amazon to make a second hole on the other end. I used the pliers to attach the sequins on split rings two at a time.

I made 27 chains of 6 to 9 sequins. I wanted a staggered effect. 9 six sequin chains, 9 eight sequin chains, 9 nine sequin chains.

The spider lampshade top is a 3 arm. Each section has 9 chains on it in the various lengths. I secured each chain to the lampshade top by using the small pliers to crimp the split ring tight around the top.

I removed the dome light buy unscrewing the nuts that hold the glass onto the the stem (the threaded rod in the center of the light).

I was happy I used a 3 arm because after momentarily pulling the sockets out of the way I was able to get the spider top completely flush With the fixture mount. I screwed the washer and nut back onto the stem. I do a lot of these projects and this one is my favorite.

It transformed the whole feel of the room from completely mundane to something special. So, in short it was the best $7 I’ve spent in a long time.

Why I will NEVER shop at Hobby Lobby ever again. I originally purchased a package of split rings (Bead Craft is their brand name) for $3.99 from Hobby Lobby. I started chaining the sequins with the split rings when I realized well over half of the bag of split rings were defective and would not open. It was late and I wanted to finish the project by the next morning so I used the 1/3 that were not defective never did it cross my mind to undo the work I had accomplished.

The next morning I drove to Hobby Lobby which is not close to my home and I made a special trip. I approached the cashier and explained that I’ve half of the rings were defective. She and the assistant manager tried to show me that the rings were just fine but they couldn’t pry them open either. I know it only $4 but it was to me the principal that I paid for a specific amount of functional split rings. I was told that since not all of the ring were returned I would not be refunded or issued any sort of store credit. At this point I went into consumer vigilante mode and became incredulous of the entire situation.

I showed the assistant manager what I was working on and explained how it was after business hours and It would be ridiculous to dismantle the few chains I had finished citing 2/3 of the bag were defective.

The assistant manager was extremely rude and my explanation made no difference to her. She simply said;

“You didn’t return all of the rings so I can’t give you a return or credit”.

I asked to speak to the store manager or be provided with the number for corporate. I was willing to make a point over $4 no matter what it took. I am not a stubborn person but, I do believe in vendors being accountable for defective goods. Especially in this time of so much economic strain.

I have a very dry sense of humor and wanted to convey what my interpretation of the situation was;

“So, let’s say you sold me a package of popcorn and over half of the bag had cockroaches in it instead of popcorn. I ate a third of the popcorn before I realized the rest were cockroaches. I want my money back or another bag of popcorn but since I ate some you are refusing me? The materials I purchased were defective and I think with prices like Hobby Lobby they can afford to be more accommodating.”

The answer was still a very rude and patronizing, “no refund or exchange.”

I was calm and polite throughout the entire interaction and requested the number for corporate. The store manager actually rolled her eyes right in front of me and went to write down the number (which took a good 20 minutes).

I don’t think I’m being ridiculous in my distaste and refusal to ever spend money in Hobby Lobby ever again. When I receive excellent customer service I will go well out of my way to let the company or manager know what a great job their employee is doing. A customer service experience has to be absolutely HORRIBLE before I will make a complaint. We all have days when we aren’t rolling at 100% I get it. This instance not only involved a defective product but multiple employees and managers treating me as if I was a criminal trying to get away with ripping them off by taking a few split rings out of a bag at the cost $3.99 and trying to return the rest. I agree if that were the case I would be in complete agreement but the fact is the 2/3 bag of rings I wanted to return were defective.

I would love to see pictures if any one makes this project.

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