Did Your Mani Get A Little Messy Around The Edges? Here's A Quick And Even Relaxing Way To Fix It!

All you need to do is take a warm bath or shower, and let the water do the rest. If you're in the shower, by the time you're done, the edges should be free of polish. If not, gently scrape it off, should come right off! The polish on the skin softens with the warm water, easy removal! You could also do some dishes, but that's not as fun or relaxing. 😂 Just did the shower method tonight myself, my nails look beautiful!

As an alternative, there's now an awesome product out (made by a wide variety of brands!) that's a liquid latex. You can paint it around your nail beds before you do your manicure and once you're done, just peel it away. I've also seen stickers that are basically the same idea, they go around the nail and you peel them off and throw them away once you're done. I managed a Sally Beauty for years and had a customer tell me once that she's also used hair glue, as it gives the same results as the liquid latex! (Just make sure you don't have any allergies to latex before trying these.)

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