Brow Techniques To Master ASAP

If your brows look flawless you could smear mud on your lids and still look hot. Considering that brows frame your entire face, knowing how to properly groom them is probably one of the most important beauty skills to master. Without them, everything else--from your eye shadow to your lipstick--would sort of just float on a blank, expressionless canvas. Whether you’re completely clueless or just looking to improve your technique, here are five ways to make the most of your arches.

How to trim them

Most of the time, all you really need is a little snip. To do this, comb your brows straight up with a clean spoolie brush and snip off the tops of the longest hairs only. Then tweeze away any hairs that fall outside your natural arch.

How to groom them

Once you’ve trimmed them down, you’ll be able to better assess their natural shape. If you’re generally happy with the shape and thickness of your arches, sweep a clear gel through (brushing up, then out) to set the hairs in place. That’s an easy way to define them daily.

How to fill them in with a pencil

To cover any bald spots or over-plucked areas, use a brow pencil as it offers the most precision. (If you’re a brunette, look for one that’s a shade or two lighter than your natural hair; if you’re a blonde or redhead, opt for a taupe.) Then fill in any gaps by using short dashes to mimic hairs.

How to fill them in with a powder

If you need to fill and shape your arches, a powder is your best bet because it will give you a softer finish. Before applying the powder, wet a Q-tip and run it across your brows so the pigment adheres better and sets the longer hairs in place. Most brow powders come in duos. Use the lighter shade on the inner corners of your brows and the darker shade through the arches and ends.

How to get a natural-looking finish

Regardless of which products you use, you should always work a clean spoolie brush through the hairs afterward (again, by brushing up, then out) to remove any extra pigment and set everything into place.

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