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My ass is roller-skating everywhere this summer (hard pass on the gym). I LOVE Roller Skating. I remember many good times being had at the local roller rink in the town I grew up in Tucson, Arizona a little piece of Heaven called ‘Skate Country’. I couldn’t help myself, I googled Skate County and guess what?…Not only are they still open, business is booming!

actual photos of Skate County, how could I have a shitty time in a place this tacky?!

Not that I gave a shit growing-up but, roller skating is great exercise. Also, it’s so damn fun, you won't notice you skated 15 miles down the interstate and have to call your girl to pick you up.

As any self-respecting 'roller girl’ knows the athletic stripe tube socks are a requirement. I think the ensemble featured below is hotter than a pistol. Let's face it; Everyone is already staring at your fine ass, might as well pop some fashion clout.

Here is my ‘Roller Disco Summer‘ wardrobe must-have list;

I made this video below because YOU to be excited about going outdoors to freedom dressed like Boogie Nights and not giving two-shits about what anyone thinks. This is what makes each person’s life a work of art.

I watch these videos and I am mesmerized by the grace and beauty of the skaters.

I roller skate in my dreams A LOT to old favorite songs like; ‘Girl You know it’s True’ by Millie Vanilli which, I had forgot has the most spectacular beat. Yes, I am old as hell but, I DGAF, I am going to wear shiny shorts and roller-skate everywhere this Summer. I could care less if the residents of Montgomery County approve or not!

My roller skating dreams are always wildly exhilarating I feel like I can fly on the skates and I cannot wait for them to get here!

Here are the skates I ordered;

These were my very close second choice.

Amazon definitely has the best selection of roller skates for women (and the rest of the family) at the lowest prices (I checked. Believe me).

It’s easy to fall into an Amazon shopping K-hole if you don’t narrow down a few features; such as where you intend to wear them, if your local roller rink isn’t the only place you plan on wear your skates, you want outdoor skates.

There are three basic kinds of roller-skates:

  • Hard Boots –

ideal for beginners. Designed to take a heavy beating, they offer outstanding ankle support as well.

  • Soft Boots –

They’re ideal for those interested in comfort. Designed to offer support, they are low on the ankle, allowing for extra flexibility (dance moves).

  • Roller Derby –

They’re solid, comfortable, and durability is the focal point of design. some consider them the best of both worlds (Hard and soft boot). They’re quite low on the ankle and offer a great degree of maneuverability.

Got them! It’s like having unicorns for feet.

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