I put this one first because having my nails done is my absolute go-to when it comes to self-care. Mainly because having beautiful nails makes me feel like everything else is OK – even if it isn’t!

You don’t need to spend $$$ to have nice nails. There’s a ton of YouTube tutorials that’ll tell you the best drugstore products and how to achieve that salon effect. But if you can afford it and you’ve got a few minutes to spare, it’s always nice to have someone do them for you!


Practicing gratitude is a good way to look after yourself and you can do it absolutely anywhere. But you can turn this into any kind of ritual! Maybe you think them through when you’re in the shower, when you’re on the train or when you’re riding the elevator at work. Whenever it is, reminding yourself that your day is NEVER as shitty as it feels is always going to help. Because sometimes it’s easy to forget you’ve got clean water, a warm bed and a full belly.


Face masks have become a symbol of self-care, haven’t they? But it’s for a good reason! And honestly, I don’t think it’s even because of the way your skin feels after you do a face mask. More so, because it’s something that most would consider a luxury. Plus, you’re doing it for your own benefit and nobody else’s. And I’m not arguing with that! Next time you’re watching Netflix after an exhausting day, pop on a face mask, like a Biocellulose Stem Cell Face Mask with Epidermal Growth Factor to rewind the clock on your skin.


I feel like being present really is the best ‘on the go’ self-care there is because you can really be anywhere to do it. I’ve personally found that the easiest way to be present isn’t to focus on my breathing or anything like that, but simply to not be looking at my phone. Even If you’ve got a bit of a social media addiction. And I’ve actually found that cutting back social media to 2 checks per day gives me the same feeling as meditating consistently for three weeks. Definitely worth trying!


If there’s one thing that makes you feel like your life is HECTIC, it’s rushing to everything. I get that life happens and sometimes it’s impossible to get to things on time, but being a little more conscious of your time can be a huge sanity saver.

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